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Property Inspections

Fairview Inspections offer a comprehensive Northern Rivers property inspection service. Our services cover everything from pest inspection reports, pre-purchase reports, building inspections, pool inspections as well as mould and asbestos identification. Our inspectors will travel throughout the Northern Rivers region including Ballina, Casino, Lismore and Kyogle.

Pre-purchase Inspections

Our building and pest inspectors conduct thorough examinations of properties throughout the Northern Rivers area. If you are considering purchasing a new property, be sure to call us first.

Pre-purchase Building Inspections

Having a building inspection prior to making an offer for sale is an important part of any real estate transaction. We report on the condition of the building, outlining any defects or areas of concern.

We provide a comprehensive report that details the entire site, including the interior structure, roofing, building exterior and subflooring. These reports allow the purchaser to make a more informed decision on the value of the home. If we uncover the property requires major structural repairs, the report can assist with the negotiation of a better sale price. Alternatively, you may choose not to proceed with the sale due to the cost of the repairs. Our detailed reports include photographic evidence of our inspection findings and are professionally presented.

We can provide you with a free quote on this service; simply give us a call to discuss your needs.

Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

Our inspectors carry out and report on pest activity for pre-purchase buildings. We inspect for timber pest activity, timber pest damage, potential timber pest conditions and other safety concerns that are present in the property. Our inspections can also include the use of thermal imaging to detect heat, moisture spots, movement and defects in the cavity of interior walls.

These comprehensive and professionally presented reports aid clients to arrange for the issues to be corrected, or at least to be aware of the problems prior to final sale of the property.

We can provide a free quote over the phone; simply call us to discuss our pre-purchase inspections.

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Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

Fairview Inspections, carry out pool safety inspections throughout the Northern Rivers area. When correct pool safety procedures are followed, they can help save a life. Safety features should be your number one priority when purchasing or if you own a property with a pool.

From the 29th April 2014, if you are selling or leasing a property with a swimming pool, you will be required to have the pool certified by an accredited inspector. Our licensed inspectors will inspect the pool, the surrounds, fencing and gates, landscaping, boundary fencing, windows, screens and security screens to ensure your pool meets the required Australian Standards.

If your pool passes the safety inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report and certificate of compliancy. Should your pool not meet the requirements, our inspectors will make recommendations on the areas of concern. Once these have been rectified, our inspectors will re-inspect your pool for compliancy.

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Mould & Asbestos Identification

Our inspection service examines the site, outbuildings, subfloors, exterior roof and void areas, building interiors and cabinetry.

Our inspection service examines the site, outbuildings, subfloors, exterior roof and void areas, building interiors and cabinetry.

Mould Identification Inspections

The presence of mould and mildew in your home can pose a serious health risk. If you are concerned that there may be mould in your home, book an inspection today.

Our inspection reports can provide advice and recommendations on how to remove mould safely and prevent future growth.

Protect your family from potential health hazards and call for an inspection today.

Asbestos Identification

1 in 3 homes in Australia are built with materials containing asbestos. This is a highly toxic mineral substance that causes lung disease when asbestos spores are inhaled. Our inspectors can identify asbestos materials that are present in your home.

Prior to undertaking renovations, it is vital to inspect for the presence of asbestos. Call us today to book an asbestos inspection and receive a report detailing any presence of this potentially deadly mineral. We can also explain the legalities of removal and disposal.

Pest Inspections

Our pest inspectors will complete a visual check for the presence of termites and other damage-causing pests. This inspection will look for timber pest activity, favourable conditions and areas for pests (to avoid future infestations) and timber pest damage.

If you are a homeowner, we recommend an annual termite inspection to safeguard against infestation. Our inspectors provide advice on preventative treatments to help you protect your home.

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View one of our sample reports

Sample Reports


Another day and another very satisfied client who we recommended to Fairview Inspections. The clients are experienced property purchasers and investors and they were very impressed with the level of detail and clarity in the reports. Thanks guys! Nathan Luke, Partner.

Great service and friendly team

I had an easy decision to make when contacting inspectors to carry put my pre purchase inspections with the friendly and helpful staff from Fairview inspections. I was so impressed with how thorough and professionally presented the reports were. Definitely recommend Fairview inspections to anyone purchasing a home! They do a great job, fast turn around and fairly priced!

Jennifer (Ballina) via LocalSearch

Staff were very accommodating of our need for a quick inspection and scheduled us in the following day. We received a very thorough report at a fair price.

Thanks to all the team at Fairview Inspections!

Kerri Vagg via Facebook

Great local business with friendly staff. Superb to deal with.

Aaron Dogga via Facebook

Very happy with this organisation. Inspections were conducted promptly and very thoroughly. Inspector was happy to answer questions after inspection reports submitted. Price was fair and administration / billing staff very polite and cooperative. Would recommend them.

Doug Taylor via Facebook

Building and Pest Report

Very professional and prompt service. Report was very informative and well presented with lots of photographs. Would definitely recommend. Thanks.

Jodi via LocalSearch


We requested an inspection to help with a purchase, and were really pleased with the prompt reply and timing. We will be referring friends, family and clients to Fairview Inspections.

Susan via LocalSearch

We are buying a property unseen so the report was very helpful and on speaking to Greg we were reassured we were making a good decision.

Deena Macadam via Facebook

Extremely professional services, thorough reports and very helpful staff! Thank you Fairview for making the pre-purchase process a little less stressful! A++++++++++++

Anna Richards via Facebook

Extremely helpful, professional service. We received a very comprehensive (30 pages) building and pest report with photos and a detailed analysis which gives us peace of mind when purchasing this property. Thank you to your team. We would use your services again and recommend you to anyone.

Arlie Brooke Holt via Facebook

Thorough job done

Went to Fairview Inspections for a pre purchase building and pest inspection. They were prompt, reliable and professional. Did a great thorough job and presented us with lots of photos and a detailed report. Will have no hesitation recommending to family and friends.

Vanessa via LocalSearch

Building & Pest Inspection prior to property purchase

Thanks! Must go to Fairview Inspections for their thorough and informative inspection report. Given a very short turnaround time they responded quickly and professionally. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for peace of mind when purchasing a property. Great value and great service!

Angela (Fortitude Valley) via LocalSearch

Pre purchase building and pest inspection.

Great to deal with prompt, courteous and extremely thorough. Would recommend this company any time. Thank you for your professional and friendly service.

Linda via LocalSearch

Building and Pest Inspection

Jared conducted the inspection and was very approachable and informative. His inspection was thorough and reports detailed. He arrived on time and we received the reports next day.

Kathleen via LocalSearch

So professional, excellent attention to detail. They have saved us from making a big mistake. Will definitely use their services again. Very happy with the service for the price.

Jess Wallis via Facebook

Friendly, quick and easy. I would recommend these blokes to anyone.

Jarvis Bell Allan via Facebook

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